Elvin Ezekiel Pulls the Cover [and EXPOSES] Hidden and Disruptive Behaviors.

Inside you'll discover how to lead a life directed by purpose and resolve, not “issues”.

The sad fact is that most of us are influenced by our issues, and we have no idea why we do the things we do that sabotage our lives. Issues are a part of everyone’s life, and affect our relationships and our destiny.

Elvin S. Ezekiel

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Within the pages of Issue Driven Life, readers will find a book that explains what it means to be issue-driven, showing how other people can be disruptive to our lives and how we can bring resolution to a better journey.
  2. Issue Driven Life will appeal to people who wish for balance in their lives and relationships will want to understand about the issues that drive them.
  3. If you want to help others, Issue Driven Life is a must read in order to facilitate constructive involvements with boundaries.
  4. “This book is not decorative tensile,” says Ezekiel. “It pulls the cover [and exposes] hidden and disruptive behaviors.”

About The Author

Elvin S. Ezekiel, affectionately known to many as Zeke, is a dynamic speaker and facilitator with over 40 years of experience as a pastor, counselor and corporate trainer.

His energetic, yet conversational style intrigues and captivates his audiences. Zeke offers a wealth of insight about the emotional and relational issues that can effect personal and professional performance.

There are factors that orchestrate our behavior, our choices and ultimately our destiny. These factors often go unseen and undetected and yet they push and drive us without our conscious permission. The individuals that make up our personal community are also subject to this dynamic. the bible uses a notion to define our circle "two will not be together unless they agree" (paraphrased).

Zeke understands firsthand how life’s experiences can leave individuals scarred and marred with emotional and relational issues that directly impact all areas of their lives.

Elvin Ezekiel was raised in the horror of a dysfunctional family and attended for many year a dysfunctional ministry. He went to school searching for answers and sought counseling and accountability. He has previously published blogs and self-help literature for those struggling with addictions.

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