5 steps to change

5 Steps to Change

Pray through and for every step listed here. Never cease to ask God for his help on this journey of change. Be honest with yourself and in particular the area that needs changing – Denial insulates us from reality. Denial fuels the insane behavior or practices that keep us in self- destructive patterns. Too often, […]

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Saved means what?

Saved Means Saved! But what does saved mean? In one sense, salvation is no different than being saved from a burning house, an overturned car, a raging river or any other dangerous predicament from which one cannot deliver himself. Saved means SAVED! It means delivered from a fate that, without intervention by another party, would […]

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forgiveness the other f word

Forgiveness, The Other “F” Word

What Is Forgiveness Have you ever gone to a carnival, fair, or a board walk concession and looked at those mirrors that distort your appearance? If you remember, it was no longer you! Bends in the glass of the mirror made you appearĀ  stretched orĀ  fat or skinny. Maybe your image became taller or shorter. […]

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